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Title Insurance Bad Faith

Title Insurance Bad Faith

Protect what’s yours when title companies break their promises.

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith

I can help when insurance companies behave badly.

Property Law

Property Law

Let’s resolve your property disputes.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption

When you count on help that doesn’t come.

Water-Damage Bad Faith

Water-Damage Bad Faith

Delays in claims can cause irreversible property damage.

business module
business module

See Why Insurance Companies Don’t Mess With Me

When an insurance company shirks its duty after you’ve spent thousands paying for it, it’s normal to feel betrayed. That’s because you were.

Companies throughout Southern California make money every day by denying claims made by everyday Californians like yourself. If they do offer to pay out, they usually offer a pittance. Many of these companies know you by your policy number, not your name.

At The McMillan Law Firm, APC, I prepare for each client’s issue as if every single one is going to trial. If a company thinks you’re aiming for a settlement, they may be less willing to compromise. When they know your attorney is ready to take any case to trial, companies tend to be more open to persuasion.

Our Testimonials

“I would recommend you to any of my friends and family. I have faith in your work and you have always been kind and true.”

Mr. Santo DiGrigoli

“Thanks a lot for being a terrific lawyer and if I have another case I will definitely call on you and nobody else.

Mr. Kevin Burnett 

My legal affairs have been handled for years by Mr. McMillan. As a technical person and a business man I appreciate the ability of my attorney-at-law to correctly communicate and translate legal content so it becomes understandable to me. 

Mr. K. Gerhardt

I Know When To Negotiate…and When To Fight

I don’t highlight a lot of settlements. This isn’t because I don’t have them. I believe a settlement isn’t something to brag about, but rather a reasonable agreement made between two parties. When attorneys trumpet their settlements as “wins”, it can make the opposition feel like they’ve lost or been defeated.

That can affect how willing opposing counsel is to negotiate a fair settlement in that attorney’s next case. I will never put your results in jeopardy just to highlight an accomplishment. A settlement is always an option. If a company does settle with us, I won’t feature it on my website. I treat settlements with respect and encourage future settlements if they are reasonable.

With that being said, I understand what makes a good settlement, and crucially, what doesn’t. I look out for your best interest, no matter what. If it makes the most sense for us to take a reasonable settlement in your case, that’s what we do. As you can see in my featured results, I’m not afraid to go after companies who aren’t willing to cooperate. My process is straightforward:

  • I take your case.
  • I work your case.
  • If there’s no favorable settlement, I try your case.
  • If we don’t like the results of the trial, I appeal.

It’s just that simple.

Case Results

Thomas v. Fry’s Electronics, Inc.

The McMillan Law Firm represented website operator Steve Thomas in the United States District Court case Steve Thomas v. Fry’s Electronics Inc., which involved Thomas’ rights to operate his “gripe” website concerning Fry’s Electronics, Inc., and its business practices. The Firm prevailed on Thomas’ appeal regarding the applicability of California’s anti-Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Purpose (anti-SLAPP) motions to strike in cases filed in Federal Courts. The Firm’s success resulted in a published ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. 

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At The McMillan Law Firm, APC, I know how to get results.  I’m not in it for a quick buck, I’m working with you to get your problem fixed. I’m going to work your case for as long as it takes, and most insurance companies know it.

If you’re facing a legal issue, give me a call today to see how I can help. Visit my office, conveniently located minutes away from the San Diego County Court system. From my La Mesa location, I’ve helped people throughout Southern California. Call now at 619-464-1500 or click here to send an email.


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